Year: 2013


It’s been so long – haha, I have not been as productive with this venture as I could have been… but I’m not sure why. Trying to revive this has become a chore, but I used to have so much

Holy Moly!

We are officially back in business!  Phew, that took a little while, but thankfully this Raspberry Pi gave me a nice little quick and dirty development environment to load up a LAMP server and upload/finesse my old WordPress 2.3 SQL

Raspberry Pi and LabJack U6

Hi So in an effort to keep motivated on this little side project, I’m working on a raspberry pi + labjack U6 combo.    It’s only kind of a side project, because my group needs this to work before our

Logo Thoughts

dinking with a logo for the site.  thanks to — where i snagged the umbrella image

Currently working on it!

updating all of my old posts, reposting things that I used to have hosted, etc. It’ll take some time (I know, I already said it’d take time, haha..) Crankin on my PhD work these days, rehabbing my surgically repaired shoulder