Extra High Latency Problems?

Hey everyone, I just wanted to write a little quick entry on how to fix latency issues.

Do you ever create games and then your friends can’t join because of “Latency was Too High” error messages?

Do you want to know what this means?

Look no further!

Latency issues arise from the fact that nowadays everyone has a broadband Internet Service Provider, which in turn means that most people have either a DSL or Cable Modem. And behind that – to enable wireless, or more computers per 1 connection, there is a router.

Now, DSL Modems have their own firewalls built in, so they can be extra tricky if you also have a router!

Here’s what we want to do:

log into our router via the web interface, If your IP is (check by going to start->run, type cmd, enter, type ipconfig, enter) Then your router will be at Converesly if your IP is, then your router is at

Log into your router and look for Port Forwarding Options – you basically need to have the Battle.net port open in order for other users to connect to your online game! So just open up port 6112 TCP/UDP (both) – and you’ll be good to go in making games. A great guide can be found at portforward.com.

You will need to reconnect to battle.net after you update your router settings.

Additional information at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Port_forwarding

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