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While I’m on the subject of Firefox add-ons(You need Firefox first, check to the right):

Last weekend at my dad’s house I was helping him understand how to print images from websites even when they try to block you from doing so. I learned a great deal in the process so I thought I’d share it with you.

In the old days, the only thing web designers and companies tried to do was disable your ability to right click with a little javascript. Nowadays, they’ve upgraded their means to keep you from grabbing some images from their site.

As I explained, the old tried and true method of taking a screen shot of the page will ALWAYS work. There’s nothing a provider can do that will prevent this to my knowledge. This method goes as follows:

  • Send your browser to the webpage
  • Find the button “Prt Scr” on your keyboard up above “Insert, Home, Page Up” (No, this won’t actually print your screen to the printer)
  • If you want the entire screen, push it. If you only want the window you’re looking at push Alt+Prt Scr
  • Open MSPaint (Start->Accessories->Paint or Start->Run->mspaint)
  • Go to Edit->Paste
  • Reselect anything you want, save it as a .jpeg or .png and print it out. Simple as that.

While I was explaining this to him, I figured ah what the hell there’s probably a firefox plugin that will do this. And sure enough, there is! It turns out that the new scheme is to put a transparent .gif in front of the image that the user wants to download. So, when you go to right click-> save image all you get is a transparent image. Well that’s not what I wanted! So check out this great plugin which will allow you to right click-> “Save Background Image As.”

I have tested it myself and it works great on sites like CafePress. This really is a great tool, enjoy!

Backgroundimage Saver

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