Resize Digital Camera Pictures Using Only MSPaint

I’m going to go over a quick and easy way to resize your digital camera images to something more manageable so that you’ll be able to post them online, email them, send them over im, and whatever else you want to do with them. This technique is a quick way to resize a few images, up to about 4-5 I would say before this technique is not useful and there is a better approach.

For starters: Make a backup of the original image, especially if you already deleted it from your memory card.

  • Step1: Copy/Paste your image and rename one with _BACKUP so you’ll have a copy
    • step1
    • Note: You are shown the pixel count size of the image, in all likelihood, this will be quite large, so big you can’t view it all on your monitor. Therein lies the problem we’re about to fix!
  • Step2: Open the image in MSpaint. Go to Start->Run (Or Windows Key + R) type ‘mspaint’ (no quotes) hit enter.
    • step2
    • Open your file.
    • Alternatively, just right click on the image – go to Open With, and find Microsoft Paint
    • step2-2
  • Step3: Go to Image -> Sketch/Skew or push CTRL+W. Set it to be about 50% height and 50% width
    • step3
    • step4
    • Now re-save the image
    • Now it is:
      • Smaller in both pixel count and actual size on the disk
      • You can include these in posts in e-mails much easier.




Have fun!


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