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Turn Signal Cadence

Are there legal requirements for turn signal cadences?  Does it have to be on-off on-off ? I’ve seen the mustang tail lights that go “>00”, “>>0”, “>>>”, repeat and I happen to like that.  Was thinking you might differentiate with

Survey form without radio buttons

Data presented from surveys is generally averaged anyway. Why do we require a whole number answer? Why is it generally radio buttons? Make it more fun? More accurate representation? Could you use sliders?  Knobs?

Symphony of Science

I love these.  

Astronomy 101 online at UNC

If you’re a UNC student and interested in taking my class, sign up!  Looking forward to it.

A Proposed Solution to the Software Engineering Interview Problem

Recently I’ve been pondering the plunge into the tech-related job market from academia.  In the process I’ve read several interesting howto’s, gotchas, tips and tricks of the interview trade.  I found this one particularly apt because it shows that someone

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Arduinos, ASCOM

Going to write out some things that I’m working on currently in trying to complete the coding requirements of my instrumentation project. I’ve got an Arduino, a motor shield from adafruit, several limits, a linear actuator and wire to connect


It’s been so long – haha, I have not been as productive with this venture as I could have been… but I’m not sure why. Trying to revive this has become a chore, but I used to have so much

Holy Moly!

We are officially back in business!  Phew, that took a little while, but thankfully this Raspberry Pi gave me a nice little quick and dirty development environment to load up a LAMP server and upload/finesse my old WordPress 2.3 SQL

Raspberry Pi and LabJack U6

Hi So in an effort to keep motivated on this little side project, I’m working on a raspberry pi + labjack U6 combo.    It’s only kind of a side project, because my group needs this to work before our

Logo Thoughts

dinking with a logo for the site.  thanks to — where i snagged the umbrella image