Month: December 2007

Resize Digital Camera Pictures Using Only MSPaint

I’m going to go over a quick and easy way to resize your digital camera images to something more manageable so that you’ll be able to post them online, email them, send them over im, and whatever else you want

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We beat Burbenog Expert 41 Levels!

We beat Warcraft III Frozen Throne Burbenog TD ver3.2-EC edit: we beat it again. ya buddy! after ~40 hours of playing this damn game we finally beat it. here’s the map: The Map here’s our winning replay: We Win Burbenog

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Linux: device manager corollary

In Ubuntu, my distribution, run: sudo lshw This is quite a long command for some of us, so if you’d like to put it in a file and then look at it after it’s already ran, do: sudo lshw >>

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Make Menuconfig / XConfig Error

First you need make: sudo apt-get install make Then you try make menuconfig or make xconfig and you get this: /usr/src/linux# make menuconfig HOSTCC scripts/basic/fixdep /bin/sh: line 1: gcc: command not found make[1]: *** [scripts/basic/fixdep] Error 127 make: *** [scripts_basic]

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Kernel Location Ubuntu 7.1

Kernel’s aren’t included by default in Ubuntu, but you can grab them easily with the following command: sudo apt-get install linux-source This will grab the most recent kernel release and put it in /usr/src, which is the default location.

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No Reboot After Updates!

Damnit Microsoft. Fine! I will download your updates automatically. But damnit do not restart my computer without my permission! Here’s a post about how to disable this ungodly ‘feature.’

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Snazzy New Ajax/JavaScript Facebook Image Implementation

If you’re like me, you frequent the “View more pictures of ‘So and So’” Link underneath the main picture of most of your friends on Facebook when you look at their profile. Just yesterday I was looking at these pictures

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How to download a remote file in php and then save it

So, I found a site with all the lolcat images named cat1.jpg, cat2.jpg, cat3.jpg, etc. I wanted to know how many were there as I saw cat389.jpg. As it turns out, it’s only 390, so that’s all I need to

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Bitch of an error in Java3D

This took me like 4 hours to finally complete, so I figured I would write about it for the next unlucky fool to attempt it. I instantiate a Sphere with a given appearance and after clicking it I would like

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