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Turn Signal Cadence

Are there legal requirements for turn signal cadences?  Does it have to be on-off on-off ? I’ve seen the mustang tail lights that go “>00”, “>>0”, “>>>”, repeat and I happen to like that.  Was thinking you might differentiate with

A Proposed Solution to the Software Engineering Interview Problem

Recently I’ve been pondering the plunge into the tech-related job market from academia.  In the process I’ve read several interesting howto’s, gotchas, tips and tricks of the interview trade.  I found this one particularly apt because it shows that someone

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Resize Digital Camera Pictures Using Only MSPaint

I’m going to go over a quick and easy way to resize your digital camera images to something more manageable so that you’ll be able to post them online, email them, send them over im, and whatever else you want

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No Reboot After Updates!

Damnit Microsoft. Fine! I will download your updates automatically. But damnit do not restart my computer without my permission! Here’s a post about how to disable this ungodly ‘feature.’

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Snazzy New Ajax/JavaScript Facebook Image Implementation

If you’re like me, you frequent the “View more pictures of ‘So and So’” Link underneath the main picture of most of your friends on Facebook when you look at their profile. Just yesterday I was looking at these pictures

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How to download a remote file in php and then save it

So, I found a site with all the lolcat images named cat1.jpg, cat2.jpg, cat3.jpg, etc. I wanted to know how many were there as I saw cat389.jpg. As it turns out, it’s only 390, so that’s all I need to

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Bitch of an error in Java3D

This took me like 4 hours to finally complete, so I figured I would write about it for the next unlucky fool to attempt it. I instantiate a Sphere with a given appearance and after clicking it I would like

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This image is copyrighted and you can’t print it either.

While I’m on the subject of Firefox add-ons(You need Firefox first, check to the right): Last weekend at my dad’s house I was helping him understand how to print images from websites even when they try to block you from

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How to Manage Multiple Gmail Accounts

Great new Firefox add-on that will allow you to manage multiple Gmail accounts. Whereas before I used Gmail-Notifier, now I have all my accounts in one simple interface in the lower right corner of my browser window. With Gmail-Notifier I

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